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Picasso transformed the art world by co-founding the Cubist movement and developing a variety of styles and techniques that continue to provoke viewers, scholars, and artists alike. His seemingly infinite creativity resulted in more than 26,000 cataloged works of art.




Salvador Dalí was one of the most captivating and challenging artists of the 20th century. While many remember Dalí for his notorious reputation, he was also a deeply spiritual man and frequently used his singular Surrealist perspective to illustrate scenes taken straight from the Bible.




van Rijn

The ninth of 10 children born to Harmen Gerritzsoon van Rijn, a prosperous miller, and Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck, the daughter of a baker, Rembrandt was born in Leiden, Holland – then considered to be one of the principal artistic and intellectual centers in Holland.




Marc Chagall’s masterful, evocative works are characterized by their poetic, mystical qualities, their expressionist perspective, and their use of bold, vivid color. Chagall’s style has been associated with the art movements of surrealism, fauvism, and cubism but instead of fitting neatly into one category, Chagall created a style uniquely his own.



Peter Max has evolved from a visionary Pop artist of the 1960’s to a master of Neo-Expressionism. His vibrant and colorful works have become a lasting part of contemporary American culture and is synonymous with the spirit of the ‘60s and ‘70s.





Itzchak Tarkay is considered to be a key figure in the modern figurative movement. Artworks by the Israeli artist are instantly recognizable—perceptive studies on people and places in a timeless world, captured in image by female socialites, parlors, terraces, and quiet cafés.




Spanish artist Joan Miró is viewed by the art world as one of the most important artists of the 20th century and a precursor of modern art; known for invoking a childlike sense of expression. Miró was a prolific artist who worked in painting, printmaking, sculpture, tapestry, and ceramics.




Famed artist Francisco Goya, often considered to be among the last of the Old Masters, created numerous paintings, etchings, drawings and lithographs. He served as a court painter to Spanish and Napoleonic rulers and uncompromisingly captured the horrors of war and the darker side of human nature.


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